Glenrothes High is a 6-year non-denominational school of approximately 860 pupils. We serve the areas of central and north Glenrothes, with 4 associated primaries (Caskieberran, Pitcoudie, Rimbleton and South Parks), and each year we attract a large number of placing requests.

We offer an extensive curriculum at all stages and are currently embarking on the transition to “A Curriculum for Excellence” In later years we offer courses leading to national awards at Access, Standard Grade, Intermediate, Higher and Advanced Higher. We have strong curricular links with local colleges (particularly Adam Smith), and consortium arrangements with the two other High Schools in Glenrothes allow enhanced option choices for senior students, particularly at Advanced Higher level.

The school has a Department of Additional Support (DAS), comprising the former Department of Special Education (DSE) and Physical Impairment Unit (PIU). The Senior Management Team comprises the Rector three Depute Rectors and a Business Manager,within an overall teaching staff complement of approximately 67 FTE. These staff are supported by a wide range of support staff, including a significant number of PupilSupport Assistants who help to meet the needs of DAS pupils in particular.

Opened in 1966, the main classroom accommodation remains in sound condition, although the school’s popularity means that we are currently dependent on some huts located to the rear of the main building. Internally, numerous improvements to the school have been carried out over the years. The facilities include a fine Games Hall opened in 2007, complementing the 2 gyms, swimming pool and extensive playing fields. Other significant features of the school’s facilities are upgraded Science and Home Economics rooms, an excellent Assembly Hall, a large ICT suite (in addition to other ICT rooms in Computing, Business Education and Design Technology), a superb Library and Careers Library, and a large, refurbished Dining Hall. A suite of rooms on the ground floor has been converted to create a Department of Additional Support, and almost all of the school’s facilities are accessible to wheelchair users.


Our school aims were formulated following consultation with staff, parents and pupils. In summary these are:

  1. To encourage partnership between pupils, parents and staff in all aspects of school life
  2. To encourage all pupils to give of their best so that each one may achieve his/her potential
  3. To create a climate of mutual trust among pupils and staff so that each member of the community feels valued
  4. To offer support to all pupils in their varying needs so that they feel equipped to deal with life in and beyond school
  5. To provide a safe and appropriately resourced environment
  6. To provide a high standard of learning and teaching
  7. To motivate our pupils to take an interest in their own learning
  8. To provide all pupils with an appropriate curriculum so that pupils can have a valuable learning experience

The school was inspected in November 2002 and a report published in March 2003.

Holidays and Closures

Dates Reason Details
12 Oct 2015 to 23 Oct 2015 School Holiday Autumn Holiday
13 Nov 2015 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
21 Dec 2015 to 01 Jan 2016 School Holiday Christmas Holiday
10 Feb 2016 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day

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