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This is a commercial fishing harbour and is not normally used by leisure craft.

Contact the Harbour Master for dues and rates.

Pittenweem Harbour Repairs

In May 2015,  Farrans Construction started to repair the storm damaged breakwater at Pittenweem Harbour.

Work involves:

- stabilising the foundation of the breakwater,
- repairing the various cracks,
- re-levelling the deck, and
- installing protection around the foundation of the breakwater.

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Project Update For May 2016 


The works to repair the breakwater recommenced on 30 March 2016, and the site compounds have been re-established and the marine plant and other equipment has been mobilised to site.  Works to install the underwater scour protection measures around the head and along the east side of the breakwater have commenced, and this work will be prioritised whenever the weather allows.  Each section of the scour protection measures will involve a concrete delivery of around 8 concrete lorries on a single day, and weather permitting there will be 1 or 2 of these deliveries each week.  The scour protection measures involve the use of the large work barge on site and this will manoeuvre from its overnight position on the inside of the breakwater to the outside of the breakwater on each working day.  There will also be a number of skip lorry movements on and off site to remove rock excavated for the installation of the scour protection measures.  The remaining crack repairs will also be completed, and this work will involve some noise from breaking out the existing concrete over a number of days.  Another item of work to be completed is the levelling of the top of the damaged section of breakwater, and this will involve breaking the surface off the damaged section and casting a new concrete slab over the top.  The breaking works will tend to be completed on poor weather days when diving works are not possible.  The other item of work to be completed is the filling of the damaged section of breakwater with concrete to replace the material lost through the cracks.  This will be completed in stages and will use the concrete deliveries scheduled for the scour protection measures when poor weather prevents diving works.  The updated works programme can be viewed here or from the publications page."


Contacts for residents:

Site Manager – David Kennedy
Organisation – Farrans Construction
Location – Site Office outside fish market
Contact number – 07775 806027
Email – dkennedy@farrans.com

Project Manager – Nicholas Williamson
Organisation – Fife Council
Location – Bankhead Central, Glenrothes
Contact number – 03451 555 555 ext 443 045
Email – nicholas.williamson@fife.gov.uk