Primary 7

Page last updated at 10:14 AM, 03/11/2011

Stormbreaker project Spy party

Mrs Hayes is the P7 teacher this year.

During term 1 we all settled into P7 and learned about our new responsibilities. We attended a Safe Fifer day where we learned about being safe and responsible.

In term 2 our project was "Famous Fifers". We all chose someone we admired to complete a personal project about.  We wrote letters to our chosen Fifer and we invited them to come into school. One of the people we invited was Olympic Gold Medalist, Debbie Knox. We were delighted that she accepted our invitation. She came to visit our class and showed us her Gold Medal, her M.B.E.and showed us how to play a game of curling.  We also put on a production of the 'Gruffalo'  for our P1 buddies which we went on to perform for the whole school. 


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