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Head & Neck Cancers

'Head and neck cancer' is a general term that doctors use for cancers that start in the tissues and organs of the head and neck. It covers many different types of cancer.

Head and neck cancers are relatively rare and they all have their own individual causes and treatments, because the area they start in can be so different. Head and neck cancers include:

  • Eye cancer
  • Nasal and paranasal sinus cancer - cancers in the nasal cavity and in the sinuses around the nose
  • Nasopharyngeal cancer – the area that connects the back of the nose to the back of the mouth
  • Mouth and oropharyngeal cancer – cancers of the tongue, gums, cheeks, lips and the floor and roof of the mouth
  • Larynx and laryngeal cancer – this is the voice box
  • Oesophageal cancer – this is cancer of the food pipe or gullet 

As yet the causes of many of the head and neck cancers are unknown, however there are some things that raise your risk of getting these cancers such as smoking, diet, age. For support giving up smoking, talk to your GP, Practice Nurse or your local support group. For more information click on Smoking page and you can find support groups local to you by typing your postcode in Practical Help page.

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