Living With My Condition In Fife

Palliative Care

Palliative care is based on relieving pain, and other symptoms, and on providing emotional and spiritual support for the patient and their family members. The diagnosis of a serious condition can be bewildering and frightening especially if the patient and carer are not able to talk or share this with anyone to help them come to terms with the implications of the condition. Fife Community Palliative Care service aims to support patients, families and carers and help them to cope with the condition and improve their quality of life as far as possible. In order to achieve this, the service offers:

  • Assessment and control of pain and other symptoms
  • Medication advice
  • Emotional and psychological support to patients and carers coping in a changing situation
  • Spiritual support
  • Liaison and referral to other agencies as well as the Day Hospice and Hospice in-patient unit as needed
  • Practical advice and provision of certain equipment e.g. nebulisers, syringe drivers
  • Some financial advice on claiming welfare benefit and help process Macmillan grant applications for additional funding where indicated
  • Bereavement support


To use this service you need to be referred through your:

  • General Practitioner
  • Palliative Care Consultant
  • Medical or Surgical Consultants
  • Oncologists
  • Hospice and Day Hospice Staff
  • Hospital Specialist Nurses
  • Other healthcare and social service professionals

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