Living With My Condition In Fife

What you should expect

Arriving by Car 

If you are travelling by car to any hospital, please allow plenty of time for parking.  The car parks can be very busy at times, so arrive at the hospital in sufficient time to find a parking space and walk to the Outpatient Department.  It can be a 10 minute walk from certain car parks.  This will mean you will be less anxious before your appointment. 
Directions and details of the bus services can be accessed through the link below.  It will also give you details of bus services that operate to the hospitals.


Arriving by Bus 

All our hospitals are serviced by bus services.  Directions and details of the bus services can be accessed through the link below.  It will also give you details of bus services that operate to the hospitals.


Attending a Clinic in a Hospital 

When you arrive at the hospital follow the signs for Out Patients.  If you are unsure of where to go ask the main receptionist, who will direct you. 
When you come into Out Patients, report to the reception staff who will let you know where to wait.  

It is difficult to say how long your appointment will take.  Whilst your appointment may only last 20 minutes, if you are having tests such as an ECG (Electrocardiogram) or an X Ray, then you may be required to wait for much longer.  Sometimes the Doctors are called away to an emergency and this can delay appointments, but staff will keep you up to date.   

Before you are seen by the Consultant or a member of their team, a nurse may take some measurements such as weight and height and you may also be sent for tests such as an X Ray or an ECG.  There may be medical or nursing students present during your consultation, but you have the right to ask them to leave if you would prefer this.  Your Consultant will let you know if you need to make another appointment or have further treatment. 

There are shops / dining rooms / café’s in most of our hospitals serving meals and snacks.  


Being Admitted to Hospital 

When you arrive in your Ward, you should head for the Nurse’s Station.  A member of staff will take your details and a nurse will show you to your allocated bed.  You will have a named nurse during your stay and they will be able to answer any questions you may have and will tell you what will happen.  They will provide information on meal times and visiting times for the ward.  The nurse will ask you a series of questions to gather all the information the nursing staff need to be able to best direct your care.  The nurse will let you know when you will see the Doctor and the Doctor will answer any questions you may have relating to your treatment. 

All Fife hospitals have a non smoking policy within the premises of the Hospital and grounds.  This applies to patients and visitors.  Nicotine replacement products are available from your GP and local pharmacy which will help ease cravings when you are unable to smoke.  If you need to smoke during your stay, staff will direct you to the appropriate place which is outdoors.  More information can be found on our smoking page or for advice on stopping smoking please call NHS Fife Smoking Cessation Services on the numbers below or click the website address.


Smoking Cessation Service Contact Details

  • Call FREE on 0800 025 3000


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