Living With My Condition In Fife

At the end of your treatment

Following an out patient appointment 

During your consultation, you will be told if you will need to be seen again or if further treatment is required.  If further treatment is required, the Consultant will arrange this for you.  Even if no action is needed, the Consultant will write back to your Doctor to let them know what decisions have been made.  You may be required to see your Doctor after this for any further discussions. 


Following a stay in hospital

At the end of your stay, you will be provided with any new medication and a letter to pass on to your Doctor.  The Doctor will let you know if there is to be any further follow up such as being seen in Out Patients or if you should see your own Doctor back at the Health Centre.  If you are unclear about anything, then please ask at this stage.  As part of the process on your day of discharge, you may be taken to the Discharge Lounge to wait for a relative to collect you.  This is a quiet room in the hospital where you can wait comfortably for your transport home or for your family / carers to collect you.  If you are eligible for transport home this will have been arranged for you and the driver will collect you from the discharge lounge.   


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