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If you are a smoker, giving up is one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health.  You will reduce your risk of developing amongst other things, heart disease and lung cancer or from suffering a stroke.  You will see immediate benefits by saving money and over time, your overall fitness will improve.

NHS Fife Stop Smoking Services

Want to stop smoking? You don’t have to do this on your own. NHS Fife’s stop smoking services are here to help you.

  • Fact: Did you know that you are four times more likely to stop smoking with support and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or Champix.
  • Fact: Giving up smoking is the best thing you can possible do to improve your own health.
  • Fact: Stopping smoking can save you money and help you look and feel healthier.
  • Fact: A pack of 20 cigarettes costs around £6 so quitting will give a 20 day smoker a saving of over £2000 a year!


There is a wide range of FREE support to help you stop smoking: 

  • Local support groups – the groups are very relaxed and informal and are run by a trained facilitator. The groups are suitable for anyone who wants to give up and heavier smokers find this intensive support extra helpful. The group support provides an opportunity for quitters to share how they are getting on – their ups and downs and provide general encouragement. The groups run for a number of weeks (on average 8 weeks)
  • Individual support – Individual support sessions with a trained adviser are available in a number of local GP practices and community venues and are available at different times, including evenings. The support consists of a 7 – 12 week programme of support, to help you stop smoking, plus advice on medication such as NRT and Champix.
  • No Butts! (Community Pharmacy Support) – Our local community pharmacy offers a 12 week programme of individual support and advice and NRT. The support is tailored to your needs and is provided by friendly, trained staff. Simply pop into your local pharmacy and ask about support to stop smoking. For information about community pharmacists support phone – 01383 565376.
  • Support from your Doctor – Many GP Practices offer individual support for people who want to stop smoking. They can prescribe NRT and Champix but it is important that you also get support in stopping smoking. Ask you practice what type of support is available.

All the services described above will:

  • Explain how support works
  • Record your details
  • Measure your carbon monoxide levels
  • Help you set a quit date
  • Help you decide which medication is best for you
  • Provide you with support, advice and encouragement each week
  • Trained advisors will discuss NRT and Champix and if appropriate give you a form to take to your local Doctor or pharmacy to request the product of your choice.
  • Smokeline 0800 84 84 84 (12 noon – midnight, daily) – Smokeline is a telephone helpline that individuals can call for advice and support on stopping smoking.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

NRT is available in different forms, such as lozenge, microtab, nasal spray and inhaler. NRT can help with the withdrawal effects of stopping smoking. NRT only contains nicotine and none of the other harmful chemicals in cigarettes.  NRT will be provided on description and so you will only pay the cost of a prescription charge for every 4 weeks supply. If you are exempt from prescription charges, NRT is FREE.


Is a non nicotine based medicine to help people stop smoking. It helps by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms and will also lesson the enjoyment of smoking.  Obtaining Champix is dependent upon an assessment of your medical history by your Doctor. 


If you would like to stop smoking contact your local Stop Smoking Service for support and advice FREE on 0800 025 3000

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