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Stress & Anxiety

If you are feeling that the pressures of life are getting on top of you, then you could be suffering from the signs of stress.  Additional pressures may arise during busy periods at work when extra demands are put upon you or if you are experiencing problems in a relationship or perhaps if you have any financial worries or sometimes events from the past can affect how we feel today.  

The signs that you are experiencing stress include mood swings, tiredness or difficulty sleeping, skin problems and even chest pains, cramps and dizziness.  Some people are able to get on with their day to day lives even though they may struggle at times. For others, the problems can be more disabling.

It’s important that when we start to think about dealing with our stress levels that we take small steps at first.Recognising 

  • Stress – being aware of our stress is the first step to sorting it out
  • Getting Ready – looking after our physical and emotional health prepares is to deal with stress
  • Coping Better – dealing with difficult situations that are happening now helps reduce our stress
  • Bad Memories – dealing with bad experiences from our past helps us control the stress we’re feeling now
  • Take Action Now – there are lots of practical things we can try straight away to cope with stress

For real practical help click on the Steps for Stress website.

Here are some things you may want to try to stop things becoming worse:  

  • Learn to manage your time effectively – this will help in your workplace
  • Ensure you have a healthy lifestyle- eat well, take some exercise and reduce alcohol.  It can be tempting to try and forget your worries with a few drinks, but this can make things worse
  • Address any issues or concerns.  If you feel that unreasonable demands are being made on you at work or if you feel you need extra support such as training then try to talk to a manager about this or there may be an Occupational Health service at work who could work with you to resolve issues.  If you are experiencing financial problems take action to sort things out.  Speak to your bank and seek out a debt counselling service
  • Take time to relax and do things that you enjoy
  • Know your limitations and don’t over commitment yourself.

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