Fife Prevention Plan

Fife's Community Plan 2020 and Single Outcome Agreement sets out a clear long term strategy for achieving a shift towards prevention.

This recognises that many communities in Fife and across Scotland have longstanding problems that reflect persistent inequalities, and follows the Christie Commission's endorsement of preventative approaches, shifting away from crisis intervention.

This should help improve outcomes for individuals and communities, reduce inequalities and reduce problems in the future.


Prevention should be evidence based, building on proven approaches whilst also supporting innovation. It needs a planned approach, incorporating a robust assessment process that can demonstrate reduced or deferred demand on services - delivering both value for money and better outcomes.

However, it can also be opportunistic, with staff in a local area working together and sharing resources to support activity that reduces demand on services.

Prevention also involves shifting power from those who provide services to those who use services - promoting greater co-ownership of our actions and their impacts.


In 2012 Fife Partnership Board agreed that more emphasis should be put on joining up preventative activity between partners, in line with Fife's Community Plan 2020 outcomes of:
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Increasing employment
  • Tackling climate change


and following the principles of:  

  •  Leadership
  • Recognising and supporting the assets and aspirations of individuals and communities
  •  Effective and integrated services


Fife categorises its preventative approaches as follows:

a) Prevention to prevent negative outcomes:
• Universal Prevention – aimed at the whole population;
• Targeted Prevention – targeting based on risk;
• Earliest Intervention –  targeted at high risk individuals and families.
b) Recovery based prevention to promote more positive outcomes
The publication 'Making the Shift to Prevention' provides a guide for practitioners, and case studies on projects across Fife are also held in the 'publications' section.


Progress in promoting preventative approaches is championed and monitored by the Fife Partnership Executive Group and the Fife Partnership Board.  Outcome lead officers provide updates on preventative approaches as part of their regular outcome performance reports. 





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