Advice for presentation of bins during high winds


During high winds, some bins with a small amount of waste can be blown over, especially the green bins containing lighter waste. While this is an unusual occurrence, it can cause littering in the street.


Please help us during periods of high winds by only putting your bin out when necessary. Please consider the points below.

  • If you think the wind is so bad that a gust might tip the bin over then consider waiting until your next collection.
  • Can you store or take your recycling or landfill waste to a Recycling Point or Recycling Centre?

If your bin does need to be emptied, then if possible:

  •  Make sure bins are closed and secure.
  • Don’t put your bin out too early, but put your bin out on the morning of collection, before 6am.
  • Protect your bin from the winds by putting your bin alongside a shelter, such as a wall or a fence, if a shelter is available on the kerbside.
  • If this is not practical then place bins in clusters with your neighbours’ bins.
  • Bring your bin in as soon as possible after collection.
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