Claimant Commitment

A new 'Claimant Commitment' was rolled out to all Fifers receiving Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) in early 2014.

Now, when someone makes a new claim for JSA or returns to JSA from the Work Programme, they will attend an interview with a work coach advisor to agree a personal plan saying what they will do in exchange for receiving the benefit. This could include regular specific tasks and training opportunities to help them find work. The work coach advisor will explain what could happen if the tasks in the Claimant Commitment are not met, and the plan will be reviewed regularly.

Anyone who doesn't follow the rules agreed in their Claimant Commitment could have their benefits reduced or stopped. This is known as a 'sanction'.

People receiving Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Income Support (IS) can also be sanctioned.

When Universal Credit is rolled out in Fife from 2015-16, everyone who receives any benefit will have a Claimant Commitment to sign and are at risk of having their benefits sanctioned if they don't follow it.



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