2020 Vision for Fife

Developing Fife's Community Plan 2011 - 2020

Community planning is a way of working that brings together key organisations in Fife with the communities they serve. It aims to deliver a shared vision for improving the quality of life in Fife. Following a year long programme of scenario planning and wide engagement across Fife Partnership, a draft Community Plan for 2011 – 2020 was approved by Fife Partnership Board in February 2011, pending completion of a Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Integrated Impact Assessment. You can download the draft Community Plan on this page, under publications. This webpage tells you how the new Community Plan was developed, using a process called Scenario Planning. This is a method used to help organisations prepare for uncertain futures. To learn more about scenario planning and horizon scanning, see

Community Plan Gathering

A Community Plan Gathering was held on 21 April 2010. This allowed the scenario planning process undertaken by Fife Partnership to be extended to involve key people such as area chief inspectors (Fife Constabulary), area service managers (Fife Council), community health partnership managers and chairs, representatives from voluntary organisations in Fife, and members of Fife’s People’s Panel who have taken part in focus group discussions about Fife’s future.

Four short films and accompanying mock up "Fife Weekly" newspapers were used to help participants engage with the scenarios and assess their likely impact upon people living or working in Fife. Following input from participants at the Gathering, the films and newspapers were finalised.

Scenario Planning Materials

All the scenario planning materials used at the Gathering are available to download on this page.  Scenario Planning Process the Story so Far – Dec 2009 provides a background to how the scenarios were drawn up. Four films present possible future scenarios for Fife:

Title                                 Scenario
Scorched Earth            Quick economic recovery, missing carbon reduction targets
Grow Your Own            Quick economic recovery, reaching carbon reduction targets
Withering Vine              Slow economic recovery, missing carbon reduction targets
Lean and Green            Slow economic recovery, reaching carbon reduction targets

Each of these scenarios has an accompanying mock-up newspaper.

There is also a fifth film - KY8 - made by young people in Fife.  KY8 is a 2 minute video by Kinetic, based in Levenmouth, about perceptions of young people. Young people’s ideas for a better future are shown in 2 posters: Fast Forward 2010 and Skip to 2020.

Professor Peter McKiernan’s presentation to the Gathering – “Thinking Long in Managing Change” - introduces scenario planning and outlines the process in Fife.  Fife in Numbers and How has Fife changed in the last ten years? present some key statistics and show some of the ways Fife is changing.

Latest News

In February 2011, Fife Partnership Board approved Fife's Draft Community Plan 2011-2020, pending completion of an Integrated Impact Assessment, and a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).  As required by the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, this Environmental Report has been prepared to ensure that environmental considerations have been fully incorporated into Fife's Community Plan. The SEA Environmental Report is available for public consultation for a 6 week period - 25 March - 6 May 2011, during which time all interested parties are invited to make comments. To find out more, follow the relevant link under Consultations on this page.

You can find out more about the SEA Environmental Report by contacting

There are also three Know Fife Findings Reports, all on the theme of perceptions of Fife by the people who live here. The first looks at residents' views of how Fife has changed since 1999, the second is residents' perceptions of the key issues for Fife's future, and the third summarises young Fifers' hopes and expectations for 2020.


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