Legal orders/notices

Here you will find information on made and proposed Traffic Regulation Orders. These cover such items as:

  • waiting restrictions
  • speed limits
  • road humps
  • new pedestrian crossings
  • road closures

These documents are split as follows;

  • Proposed - This covers new Notices which have been published and are in their consultation period. To view these items please select the 'Proposed' button on the menu to the left and you will see a list of publications at the bottom of the page which can be downloaded.
  • Made Orders - For Legal Orders which have been through the statutory Notification process, a final order is Made. This makes the Order legally enforceable and there is a six week period where the new order can be viewed and queried. To view these items please select the 'Made Orders' button on the menu to the left and you will see a list of publications at the bottom of the page which can be downloaded.
  • Temporary Orders - This covers any restrictions which are being put in place on a temporary basis. This includes road closures and temporary restrictions such as waiting restrictions or banned traffic movements.
  • Disabled Parking (On Street Bays) - This provides information on all the legally enforceable disabled bays throughout Fife. A live map is provided to show their location. This page also includes any amendments to bays where they are being added or removed. Follow the 'Disabled Parking - On Street Bays' button to view the maps and any new proposals.
  • Disabled Parking (Council Car Parks) - This page provides a copy of the drawings and the Legal Order associated with Council car parks thoughout Fife which ensure that disabled bays within our car parks are enforceable to safeguard access for blue badge holders. By following the link you can get information on Fife Council Car Parks and the restrictions that apply.
  • Other Notices - This contains other forms of Notices which do not fall under the other caregories. This includes Crossing Notices, Road Hump Notices, etc.

In addition to these items appearing here on Fife Direct, Notices will be posted on the affected street mounted on a lighting column or pole and may also appear in the local press. Notices for permanent TROs often give the opportunity for objection and any such objection should be provided in writing using the contact detailed within the Notice.

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