Occupational therapy service

We work with people with disabilities to enable them to be as independent as possible.

We can help you with activities from washing, dressing, getting on or off the toilet to getting around your house.


To find out if we can help we will carry out an assessment of your needs.

We will visit you at home to look at any difficulties you have and work with you to assess what you need.  When we do the assessment we listen to what you and your carers tell us.  It's not about us telling you what you need.

Contact us on the number below to arrange an assessment.

What can Occupational Therapy do?

We can provide advice, equipment and adaptations. This will help live more independently or make it easier for others to care for you.

We may be able to:

  • Show you, or anyone who cares for you, different and safer ways of doing things.  
  • Refer you for other services.
  • Help you to regain confidence at home after time spent in hospital.
  • We have a range of equipment to help with tasks such as getting up from the toilet or out of a bath.  We may provide a specialised bath lift so parents can bath a child in a supported position.
  • We can arrange for minor adaptations, such as grabrails or extra banisters at a staircase.  We can also make recommendations for more major structural adaptations to your home.  For example, a ramp or lift so that you can get around your home in a wheelchair.
  • Give advice about re-housing if your current home is not suitable to adapt.

How much does it cost?

Our information and advice is free.  Any equipment we supply is on long term loan and free of charge.  Minor adaptations are also free.

For more information or request an assessment, please call us.

We work to Fife Council Social Work Eligibility Criteria.

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