Home Swap (Mutual Exchange)


If you are a tenant and you would like to move home, sometimes considering a swap with another tenant is an option and it can help you move more quickly than waiting on the housing list.

Providing your landlord agrees, `mutual exchanges’ can be arranged between tenants who want to swap homes with a tenant of:

  • Fife Council
  • Any other Local Authority
  • A Housing Association or other Registered Social Landlord

You should be up to date with your rent, keep your home in good order and you should not move to a house which makes you overcrowded.

All applications will be considered and you will not be refused without reasonable cause.

How can I find someone to exchange with?

You have four ways to source an exchange:

  1. If you have completed a Fife Housing Register (FHR) application for Housing you can confirm in this that you wish to consider mutually exchanging with another tenant. We will check the housing list on monthly basis and contact you with any potential matches.
  2. In October 2014 a self-service Mutual Exchange system will be made available to Fife Council tenants on Fife Direct. This page will be updated with further information once the site is ready for use.
  3. As of 21st May 2014 Fife Council withdrew from Homeswapper. Tenants can still apply to join but must pay the membership fees themselves:
  • £9.99 for 3 months
  • £15.99 for 6 months
  • £21.99 for 12 months
  1. You may be able to source an exchange via other avenues such as speaking with friends, family or neighbours.


You have found someone to exchange with and have submitted an application.  How long does it take to get approved?

Your exchange will not be effective until everyone involved has been informed, in writing, of our decision. If you haven’t heard from us within 28 days of the application being submitted, the exchange will automatically be approved.

Why would my application be refused?

Normally, we will refuse applications where:

  • A notice for eviction has been served on you or the person you are swapping with or an eviction order is in place
  • There are rent arrears
  • The house has been designated or significantly adapted for someone with specific needs and no one on the application needs it
  • The exchange would result in significant under-occupation
  • The exchange would result in overcrowding
  • You are not a secure tenant
  • You or the person you are swapping with has a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy (SSST)
  • The fixtures and fittings of properties must be to a reasonable standard for both tenants before a Mutual Exchange can go ahead

Can I appeal if my application is refused?

You can appeal to the Head of Housing and Neighbourhood Services if your application is refused. If that appeal fails you can also appeal to the courts. You should speak to a solicitor for more information or your local Citizen's Advice and Rights Fife.

What happens when the tenancy is in joint names?

Both tenants must agree to the exchange before it can go ahead.

What must you do before your swap?

Essentially, you should leave your home as you would expect to find it. You are responsible for making good any damage or unacceptable unauthorised alterations before you exchange homes. If you are unhappy with any parts of the swap you must let the Council know as soon as possible.


For more information contact

Housing Information and Advice (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Tel: 03451 55 00 33 Contact Housing Information and Advice (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) online
By Post: New City House 1 Edgar Street Dunfermline Fife KY12 7EP
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