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The Blue Badge scheme is a national scheme for those who have a permanent disability which means they are unable to walk or virtually unable to walk or those who are registered blind. A blue badge is intended to help those who would be unable to visit public buildings, shops and other places unless they can park close to their destination.

Blue Badges can be issued to adults, children or to organisations providing care. They can be used by badge holders who are drivers or passengers in any vehicle.

You may be entitled to a Blue Badge if you meet the criteria detailed in the Can I get a Blue Badge guide. (this links to an external website)

Application Process
There are 2 ways you can apply for a blue badge.  If you are a resident in Scotland, you can apply for a Blue Badge online.  If you do not qualify automatically then please answer every question so that we have as much information as possible to process your application.  If you need to return to a saved application please use the following link: Saved application

Alternatively, you can print off an application form available at the bottom of this page. 

Select the Automatic Qualifier application form if:-

  • you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA
  • you receive the Mobility Component of PiP (Planning & Following Journeys at 12 points or Moving Around at 8-12 points)
  • you receive War Pensioners' mobility supplement
  • you are registered blind 
  • you receive lump sum benefit with tariffs 1 to 8 under the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation) Scheme
  • you were previously in receipt of high rate of mobility DLA indefinately but no longer receive this under PiP
  • you were previously in receipt of high rate of mobility DLA for a fixed term and after reassessment for PiP you were not awarded the mobility component for either Planning and Following Journeys at 12 points or Moving Around at 8 - 12 points and have requested a mandatory reconsideration of the decision


Select the Further Assessment application form if you do not qualify automatically.  You may still get a badge following further assessment of your application.

There are guidance notes available within the publications section at the bottom of this page to help you fill in the forms and tell you what you need to provide with your application.  The online application and paper application forms also tell you what proof you will need to provide with your application.

There is no charge for a Blue Badge in Fife. 

Please familiarise yourself with the rights and responsibilities of Blue Badge holders. (this links to an external website)

Blue Badge applications may take up to 28 working days to be processed.

Appealing the Decision
There is no statutory right of appeal against the decision, however, in Fife we will review a decision if the applicant does not agree with the decision.  A request for a review should be in writing, either to the address at the bottom of this page or by e-mail to .  You must provide the reasons why you think the decision is not correct and include any further relevant information about your disability, medical conditions or walking ability that you think should be taken into account.  Your request and all information provided will be reviewed thoroughly by a second person who was not involved with the original decision, including a 2nd OT where applicable.  You will be informed in writing of the outcome of the review and this will be the final decision for your application and review.

Click here for information about Disabled Parking Bays

Lost and stolen badges
Lost or stolen badges should be reported to the police immediately – once you have the crime or lost badge reference number from the Police, you can report this through the online portal or email

If you think that a badge is being misused you can report this by email to

Old Style Badges
A new tamper proof badge has been issued since January 2012 but old style badges are still valid until the expiry date shown on the badge.  You should not apply for a new badge until 6-8 weeks before the expiry date of your current badge.

A clock card is used in England and Wales because the time you can park using a blue badge is limited and indicated by the time shown on the clock card when you park. You display it on your windscreen next to your badge.  Please e-mail to request a clock card if you have an old style badge. You will need to provide your name, address and badge number. We will send you a clock card, free of charge. New badges that have been issued from 1st January 2012 will have had a clock card enclosed. Clock cards are not used in Scotland.

Visitors to Fife
Visitors to Fife can use a European Blue Badge from other European Union Governments.  For visitors from other non-EU countries, legislation does not allow temporary Blue Badges to be provided, and therefore, the Scottish Government advises that you should bring your disabled parking badge with you and check with the local parking authorities to see if your badge would be recognised.

Parking restrictions are set by Local Traffic Orders issued by Legal Services on behalf of Transportation Services and enforced by Traffic Wardens and Police Officers. You should always check roadside signs when parking for any local parking restrictions or information as these can change.

Blue badge holders can access the following at the times shown but restrictions apply at all other times, please check the signs in these areas for any variations.

Kirkcaldy High Street - All day on Tuesdays; before 12pm and after 5pm on all other days.

Dunfermline High Street - Monday to Saturday ; before 12pm and after 3pm and all day on Sunday.

Leven High Street - Before 2pm and after 5pm on all days.

For more information contact

Blue Badge Administration (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Tel: 03451 55 00 66 Contact Blue Badge Administration (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) online
By Post: Fife House North Street Glenrothes Fife KY7 5LT
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