Drug treatment and testing orders

Our main objective is to provide a fast-track into intensive treatment for drug users who have been convicted of an offence, with the overall aim of reducing illicit drug use and consequently, drug related offending within Fife. Thereby, minimising risk and promoting community safety.

 How do I get referred for a Drug Treatment and Testing Order?

  • you will usually be over 21 and have appeared in court several times before
  • you will have a history of drug misuse
  • the Court Social Worker or your Lawyer will speak to you if they think you might be suitable for a Drug Treatment and Testing Order
  • you must have pled or been found guilty of an offence

After you have been referred for a Drug Treatment and Testing Order:

  • your case will be continued for a Report
  • you will be seen by a Social Worker, Doctor/or Nurse
  • it is essential that you keep these appointments
  • you will be drug tested
  • the Report will be discussed with you before it is sent to Court
  • the Court may decide that you are not suitable for a Drug Treatment and Testing Order, if this happens, you will be dealt with in another way

 What happens if I am placed on a Drug treatment and Testing Order?

  • you will be expected to do what your Social Worker and NHS staff ask of you
  • your treatment will begin immediately
  • one month from the date of being placed on an order, you will attend a Review in Court
  • failure to comply with your Treatment Plan will result in a breach report being sent to the Court, if this happens the Sheriff can sentence you for your original offence which may result in a custodial sentence

The Court expects you to reduce your drug taking, but realises that this may be difficult and could take some time.  It is important that you co-operate and stick to your treatment plan.

You will be given support by staff from the Drug Court Supervision and Treatment Team.  If you don’t make any progress or fail to abide by the conditions of your order then the Court may decide that the order is not working.  The decision will then be made whether to allow you to continue on the order.

The Court can impose a sanction, which is a period of imprisonment.  The maximum prison sanction is 28 days for the duration of the order.  Alternatively, the Court could decide to bring your order to an end and impose another sentence in its place which could mean imprisonment. 

What happens if I offend when I am on a Drug Treatment and Testing Order?

The Sheriff will want to know why this has happened.  If you are convicted the Sheriff will consider whether or not you should continue on your order.  

If you are sent to prison during the course of a Drug Treatment and Testing Order, a decision will be made about whether the order should continue or end.

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