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Community Planning is a process by which all the public services within a local authority area are planned and provided: health, social care, schools, colleges, police, fire, roads, transport, waste collection and more. Community Planning aims to ensure that organisations work together, not apart, in providing and improving public services. Also key to Community Planning is making sure that people and communities are engaged in decisions made on public services which affect them.

Community Planning in Fife began in 1999 when Fife Partnership first came together. Fife’s first Community Plan (2000 – 2010) set out long term ambitions for the Kingdom. It was refreshed in 2004 using scenarios to help reduce uncertainty about the coming years, and again in 2007 to focus on key priorities that had to be achieved if the broader ambitions were to be realised.

Over this period, partnership groups were formed to lead on the key areas:

  • Fife Economy Partnership
  • Fife Education & Skills Executive Group
  • Fife Health & Wellbeing Alliance
  • Fife Environmental Partnership
  • Fife Community Safety Partnership

In the last year, all Fife’s partners have been engaged in a process of writing Fife’s second Community Plan 2011 – 2020. You can find out how by going to our page on 2020 Vision for Fife.

Fife's new Community Plan sets out three high level outcomes: reducing inequalities, increasing employment and tackling climate change.

Strategic Environmental Assessment on Fife’s Community Plan

Fife Partnership Board approved Fife's Community Plan 2011-2020 in May 2011 (this can be viewed from the publications section on this page). As required by the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report (available from the publications section on this page) was prepared to ensure that environmental considerations were fully incorporated into Fife’s Community Plan. The SEA Environmental Report was available for public consultation for a six week period from 25 March - 6 May 2011. A Post Adoption SEA Statement (available from the publications section on this page) was then produced in response to the consultation and was approved by Fife Partnership on 1 November 2011.

Fife Environmental Partnership will provide a leadership and co-ordinate reporting on progress against the SEA actions.

For further information on the SEA contact

Progress in delivering the outcomes set out in the community plan and single outcome agreement is set out in the State of Fife Report 2012/2013 (available from the publications section on this page).


Sharon Murphy, Policy Co-ordinator (Community Planning) 
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 44 61 10 Contact Sharon Murphy online
By Post: Fife Council Brunton House High Street Cowdenbeath Fife KY4 9QU

Tim Kendrick, Partnership and Policy Manager 
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 44 61 08 Contact Tim Kendrick online
By Post: Fife Council Brunton House High Street Cowdenbeath Fife KY4 9QU
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