Placed at the heart of Cupar town centre, the Kirkgate campus is accessible by bus from all areas within North East Fife. It is a well lit and spacious building. From this campus and working in partnership with the mainstream schools in the area along with Partner agencies, the Sandy Brae and Glenrothes Campuses, we can offer a full range of learning experiences to the pupils we support.


“Including all young people in learning”


The Pupil Support Service was created in the summer of 2008 to develop services for young people with additional support needs in Fife. The service is managed by a Head Teacher.


The Pupil Support Service serves around 300 pupils aged between 3 to 18 years old through the creation and delivery of personalised learning packages fitting within the context of the Child’s Plan. Examples of the work undertaken include; delivery of core curriculum and youth achievement awards, supporting work and college placements along with reporting and liaising with partner agencies to provide a personalised learning and support package for each child. These services are individualised and child focussed, offering a wide range of opportunities and learning experiences through negotiation with the pupils, parents and schools involved. Links are developed and enhanced with partner agencies in order to broaden the curriculum and support for the young people we serve.


Access to the service is approved through multi–agency admissions groups. All pupils remain on the School Roll of the referring school and together, PSS and School link with other partner agencies in line with the ‘Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC)’ and ‘Staged Intervention’ models to offer appropriate multi-agency support packages to the young people we serve.


The Pupil Support Service has a staff of 106, across 11 bases, with around 60 teachers and 40 Pupil Support Assistants.


Wendy Brown, Teacher 
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