Built in 1889, Guardbridge Primary School is an attractive Victorian building set back from the main road to Dundee. It houses three large and pleasant classrooms, a resource area and a large dining hall which also accommodates the reference library, television and video. A school hall provides the facility for drama, music, PE and assemblies.  The school grounds are an area for recreation, allowing the school to develop environmental awareness thus nurturing responsible citizens.  School has achieved permanent Green Flag status.  The school also has a large Wildlife Garden adjacent to the estuary.





April 2014


School Roll


No. of Classes


Age Range of pupils

4 -12

Nursery classes


Secondary school

Madras College

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Parent Council


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School prides itself on its warm, caring environment and the primary aim of the school is to ensure that pupils feel safe, happy and comfortable in order to fulfil their potential. It is supported in its efforts by teachers of Expressive Arts and Learning Support who attend the school on a regular basis and augment the skills of teaching staff within the school.

Pupils are represented in their Pupil Council and Eco Committee which meet regularly with the Headteacher and other Staff. The school operates a House Team system where Senior pupils take responsibility for others and work with staff to make decisions on behalf of the pupils. Parents are represented in the Parent Council which is active in supporting staff and pupils. Parents actively participate in all areas of the curriculum providing valuable support.

Extra-curricular and lunch-time clubs offering football, netball, art and craft, dance, gardening, chess and playground games are available for all pupils.


Holidays and Closures

Dates Reason Details
07 Oct 2019 to 18 Oct 2019 School Holiday Autumn Holiday
21 Oct 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
15 Nov 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
23 Dec 2019 to 03 Jan 2020 School Holiday Christmas Holiday

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School Booklet

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