Queen Anne High School can be proud of its long history. Its origins can be traced in the Old Statistical Account of Scotland of 1790, where reference is made to a school kept by Mr Robert Paterson over Queen Anne of Denmark's house in Dunfermline. Under the patronage of Queen Anne, wife of James VI of Scotland, a school was founded which was open to both boys and girls.

Having enjoyed several sites during its history in August 2003 we moved to a new building 200 yards north of the old site at Broomhead. Our new facilities include an all-weather pitch, state of the art Drama and Dance Studios and a Media Studies suite. The project has provided our pupils with exciting design opportunities and they have been responsible for the plans for the internal courtyards.

Our aim is to maximise the intellectual, physical, social and moral development of each pupil. To achieve this we must:

  • Provide a broad, balanced curriculum that is flexible enough to ensure an appropriate challenge for each individual pupil but is in full accord with national advice.
  • Encourage each individual pupil to strive for his/her best in all areas of life.
  • Provide well-prepared lessons that are effectively delivered so that an ethos of hard work and disciplined learning is built and maintained within every class.
  • Provide an effective network of support for all pupils so that any and all impediments to learning are minimised.
  • Build and maintain, through effective self-evaluation, a positive and constructive ethos that is tangible within the school and extends to our external partners.
  • Accumulate and utilise those resources that help learning be more effective.

Provide effective leadership that reflects current advice, being both transparent and accountable, so that quality is assured throughout the entire school.


Holidays and Closures

Dates Reason Details
19 Aug 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
20 Aug 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
07 Oct 2019 to 18 Oct 2019 School Holiday Autumn Holiday
15 Nov 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day

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