Glenrothes with Thornton Railway Station Image 1

General Location
Glenrothes with Thornton Station is located at the south side of Thornton village on the B9130.  (Glenrothes town centre is 3 miles to the north).

Staffing Hours
Glenrothes with Thornton Station is unstaffed.

Waiting Room    
There is no waiting room but sheltered seating is available on both platforms.        

The station car park is free, with space for 50 cars and is situated adjacent to Platform 2.  There are 2 designated spaces for Blue European Parking Badge Holders adjacent to Platform 2. There are also 6 designated spaces for motorcycles within the car park.  The car park is lit and has CCTV.

Drop-off / Pick-up points
Passengers can be dropped off or picked up within the car park adjacent to Platform 2 and also at the turning area near the entrance road to the station.  Although most trains arrive and depart from the south side (Platform 1), it is recommended, for road safety reasons, that all drop-offs and pick-ups are made from the car park and turning area adjacent to Platform 2.  Passengers should then climb 22 steps or use the access road (1° incline) and walk 40m to the ramp (4° incline) down to Platform 1.

Buses / Bus Stops
The bus stop adjacent to the station, on the Main Street (B9130), is 47 metres from the car park and has timetable information.  The bus stop opposite the station is 71 metres from the car park and has shelter facilities and timetable information for the frequent buses to Glenrothes.
There are no dropped kerbs serving either stop.

Taxi Ranks
There is a designated taxi rank for 2 taxis in the car park.

There is a public telephone located on Platform 2 within the shelter. It is lowered to assist wheelchair users. The phone only accepts phonecards or credit/debit cards.

Platform 2 is directly accessible from the car park either via 3 steps or a ramp (4° incline). Platform width = 2.4m minimum.

Platform 1 is accessed from Main Street (B9130) via a ramp (4° incline). Platform width = 2.4m minimum.

Crossing between platforms is done from the car park via 22 steps (or 1° incline along the access road) then a 40m walk along Main Street to the 4° inclined ramp down to Platform 1.

All trains (except one in each direction daily) use the platform on the south side of the tracks (Platform 1).

Both platforms have tactile edges, are lit, have sheltered seating, timetable information and CCTV.  

All trains serving this station carry on-board ramps to assist with boarding/alighting.

There are Help Points if you require assistance (see page 50 for more details).

There are no toilets at this station.

Rail Enquiries
Electronic information screens are available on both platforms.  Timetable information is also available on both platforms and by using the Help Points.

Cycle Facilities
There are 5 lockers located in the car park turning area.  Users must provide their own padlock.

There are CCTV cameras throughout the station, on both platforms and in the car park.