New City House Image 1

New City House is a modern office building situated close to the centre of Dunfermline.  Employees from a number of services are based here currently, including:

  • Housing Services
  • Education & Learning
  • Social Work
  • Corporate Services

Resources that can be booked at New City House include:

  • Over 20 meeting/interview rooms, details are available here
  • Training Room equipped with 6 PC's
  • 36 Touchdown desks
  • Pool Cars.

New City House also has the Cafe Constellation that provides morning rolls, lunches and drinks from 9.00am - 3.30pm.

Car parking is only for designated users and visitors who are external to the Council.  Council employees are encouraged to follow the Green Travel Plan guidelines and take public transport.  New City House is five minutes walk from Dunfermline Railway Station.