If you are looking for information on the services we provide, you can find details online at fifedirect.org.uk/socialcare. If you don’t have a computer you can use one at your library or local office.

There are a number of social work leaflets that provide information on specific services, how they are provided, any charges involved and eligibility criteria. You can pick these up in libraries, local offices, download them from fifedirect.org.uk or request one from our contact centre.

Anyone seeking advice or support from Social Work Service for the very first time can either:-

  1. Check Fife Direct for services available and complete an e-form request.  This is for low level queries such as information on services such as Meals on Wheels or support in their local community eg Carers Centre.
  2. Call Social Work Service Contact Centre on 03451 551503.  From the simplest request through to more complex, sensitive situations the team will be able to ensure the right care, support and attention is provided.

Existing service users

If you are an existing service user you may already have an allocated Social Work Service member of staff.  You can continue to contact them on the direct number they will have provided to you. You will still be able to make appointments or seek help and advice at a time and place that suits you.

Social Work Enquiries
Tel: 03451 55 15 03 Contact Social Work Enquiries online

Emergency Out of Hours Social Work Services
Tel: 03451 550099
By Post: New City House 1 Edgar Street Dunfermline Fife KY12 7EP