Welcome  to Aberdour Nursery which is located within Aberdour Primary School.  Our Nursery has space for 28 children in the morning and 20 children in the afternoon. We offer morning or afternoon sessions for both pre-school and ante pre-school children.


Aberdour Nursery  is located in the small seaside village in Fife. The Nursery Room benefits from lovely views over the Nursery Gardens.


Aberdour Nursery & Primary has a lot to offer any family and we have places for children from the age of 3 until 12 years.


Holidays and Closures

Dates Reason Details
21 Oct 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
15 Nov 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
23 Dec 2019 to 03 Jan 2020 School Holiday Christmas Holiday
06 Jan 2020 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day

If you would like to view the complete list of School Holidays, please click here.

Kate Whiteley, Virtual Headteacher Learning with Care Team 
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