Sharing the space with the Sandy Brae Centre, Kennoway along with our partners in Community Learning and Development gives pupils served by the PSS East area access to services within a multi agency campus. We currently offer a full range of learning experiences using the Sandy Brae campus as the hub for our programmes of support in the East Fife area.

We will all Learn, Achieve and Work together.


Mission statement:


The service will enhance learning and lifelong opportunities for vulnerable young people and help schools to develop their capacity to support young people with social, emotional and behavioural needs.




As part of a multi-agency team around the child, the Pupil Support Service aims to support learning and inclusion for the most vulnerable young people in Fife.  In this way, and by focusing on the outcome indicators below, PSS will seek to mitigate the cycle of disadvantage which impacts disproportionately on the children and young people in Fife who are our target population.  The purpose of our Service is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable young people in Fife by improving educational experiences, promoting inclusion and positive life outcomes through access to quality education packages.


Curriculum rationale:


We support learning for the most vulnerable Young People in Fife by providing a bespoke learning experience in line with the principles of the Curriculum for Excellence.


Within the framework of ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ and ‘How Good is our School 4’ our objectives are:



To provide personalised support in an appropriate Learning environment


1.     Build effective, nurturing relationships with young people and families

2.     Engage and include young people in the planning and assessment of their learning and support programmes

3.     Design programmes with young people which focus on aspirational curricular and life goals


To promote and develop partnerships:


1.     Through recruitment and professional development, ensure that highly trained and able staff are working with those young people who are the most vulnerable and who have the greatest support needs.

2.     Work with school staff to develop the capacity of schools to pro-actively manage learning and risk effectively.


Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion:


3.     Prioritise support for Looked After children in education, improving outcomes.

4.     Support positive educational and wellbeing outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged children living in Fife.

5.     Promote inclusion within mainstream schools and respond to the needs of young people using the least intrusive, most effective and timely intervention. The Pupil Support Service has a staff of 100, across 12 bases, with around 50 teachers and 50 Pupil Support Assistants.