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Collydean PS was built in 1981 to serve the Glenrothes areas of Collydean, Whinnknowe, Balgeddie and Pitcairn. The catchment has expanded as new houses have been built. Within the catchment there is a wide range of housing: local authority, housing association accommodation, private lets and private housing. Free meal entitlement is approx 29%, which reflects the needs of some families.


The building has been altered due to an extension being added to the main building this year which provides more accommodation within the main building and removes two of our remaining three huts. The school is of an open plan design, on one level, accommodating: the majority of classes, one large hall, one small hall and many smaller rooms to provide a variety of facilities: libraries, resource areas, first aid, offices and ASfL Base. There is now only one double sized hut which will accommodate one class and our Music Room next session.


Our Nursery, which can accommodate up to 126 pupils, stands alone in the playground just at the main entrance to the school, providing two nursery areas for mixed N3 and N4 children. The Nursery Garden is situated at the front of the school providing many opportunities for outdoor learning for pupils. Further outdoor play / learning is developed within our playground area and local community in the park and Formonthill Woods.


We have been able to develop our playground with funds raised through many events supported by all partners. Previously we had two trim trails installed, one for Nursery -P3 and one for P4-7, and many playground games painted throughout the playground based on pupils’ designs. This year we had goal posts cemented into the grass area providing a very good and highly sought after football pitch. We have also had a basket ball / netball court painted onto the playground and are in the process of having two basket stands cemented in to complete the task. We intend to continue to develop our outdoor learning environment to support all aspects of our curriculum in particular H&WB.  

Holidays and Closures

Dates Reason Details
20 Aug 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
07 Oct 2019 to 18 Oct 2019 School Holiday Autumn Holiday
21 Oct 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day
15 Nov 2019 In-Service Day In-Service Training Day

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School Booklet

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