Dunfermline High School Image 1

Dunfermline High School has a very proud history of providing education to the children of Dunfermline since 1468.  It now serves the area to the south of Dunfermline’s High Street all the way to the River Forth at Rosyth’s Dockyard and also the village of Kincardine to the West.


The school has a committed and dedicated staff who believe in creating a disciplined learning environment.  It has well-developed positive links with the primary schools in its area and with colleges, universities, employers and a range of important external agencies.  It has an excellent ethos and recognises the need to actively pursue the development of working partnerships between home and school if pupil success is to be maximised.


Good communications will also be maintained through news bulletins, letters and personal contact.  However, I would like to stress that, at all times, parents/carers should not hesitate to contact the school if they have any queries.