Term 4 Targets

Page last updated at 11:44 AM, Wed 10 May 2017

This term we will be working on the following targets. These are the KEY targets and not the only targets your child will be working on.


  • I am exploring fractions and can find ½ and ¼ of a shape
  • I can create a symmetrical pattern
  • I can select appropriate tools to measure a variety of items
  • I am continuing to develop my rapid recall of addition and subtraction facts



  • We will be reading a variety of farm related books and will be developing our literacy skills across the curriculum


Health and PE

  • I enjoy preparing and trying different foods.
  • I am aware of the journeys foods make from farm to plate.
  • I understand different foods come from different countries.
  • I can name different fruits and vegetables. 

Physical Fitness

  • Whilst taking part in Athletics I am learning to understand how my body feels during and after exercise.


  • I can work together to create a dance for our ‘Dance Afternoon’


  • I can complete experiments to find out what plants need to grow and develop. 


Our project is ‘Food and farming’ and we will be finding out about:

  • local crops and faming in Scotland
  • planting and growing our own crops
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