Parents and Carers should enjoy frequent communication to/from school. We do this in a number of ways

  • Newsletters and letters - up to date email addresses are useful if you would like these sent electronically.
  • Meetings-can be arranged by telephoning the school office.
  • School and Community events
  • Parental volunteering
  • Parent Evenings
  • Open Afternoons
  • Shared Start

Parent Council

All parents and carers of Cardenden Primary and Nursery pupils can join our Parent Council Meetings . They begin at 6.30pm and usually last around an hour. First meeting of the session will be on 10th September at 6.30pm

Our Parent Council

Chair is Emma McIntyre-parent of Georgia Johnston

Vice Chair is Sharon Simm-parent of Kobi Brown

Treasurer is Sam Drysdale-parent of Lewis Johnstone


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