Carleton Primary School entranceCarleton Primary School was built in 1953 and is probably the oldest in Glenrothes. The infant department is single storey whilst the upper school boasts two levels. We have fantastic grounds including concrete play areas, grass areas bordered by beautiful trees, an outdoor gym and a trim trail.

The school houses 12 classes, a main hall with a stage (the hall is used as a dining area)  and  a gym. A controlled security system is in operation on main entry doors.

The school has wheelchair access at all main access points.                   


Our pupils have been involved in transforming areas of the school grounds into outdoor learning areas with seating and specially chosen plants to attract wildlife for observation.School garden

Our aim is to create a welcoming and stimulating environment whilst offering a broad general education which meets the needs and abilities of all pupils in a challenging way.

The Parent Council is well established and meets on a regular basis.

We have residential excursions to Dalguise which our P7s enjoy.

Our school operates a number of after school and lunchtime clubs, including football, karate and powerhoop club. We also have shared start or soft finish for all ages.

Our parents feel that our open door policy to discuss any issues with them is most beneficial and adds to the warm inviting atmosphere in the school.

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