You can translate our web pages into various languages via the free facilities provided by Microsoft. Select the required language below and allow several seconds for the translation to take place.

There are some restrictions on the size of file that can be submitted and the translation is usually understandable but not perfect. Please note that not all pages on this website can be successfully translated using this facility.

Displaying other languages on your web browser

If you are trying to display a web page which is written in another language and the correct characters do not appear (often indicated by square boxes instead of the correct characters) then you need to update your web browser with the appropriate language support files.

If you are using Internet Explorer you need to go to View > Encoding > More and then select the language that you need. If support for this language is not already installed on your PC a box will appear asking you to download the relevant files from the Microsoft website.

Download the files; they will normally install themselves on your PC, although sometimes you may be asked to put your operating system CD in the CD drive as well. You may need to restart your PC. If all is well the web page should now display with the correct character set.

Fife Council Information in Other Languages / Alternative Formats

If you, or someone you know, would like information from Fife Council in a language other than English, or in an alternative format such as large print, Braille etc please call 03451 55 55 00.

As well as arranging to provide documents in other languages, there is a real-time interpreting service available on this number to answer questions from speakers of other languages, or deaf customers.

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