Scottish Welfare Fund - Tell us

Please use this form to report a change to an existing Crisis or Comunity Care grant application yet still to be assessed by the team, this should be you are telling us:


  • The personal circumstances you told us about in your application have changed, i.e. the reason you applied
  • The contact details you told us about in your application have changed, i.e your mobile number or email address has changed since you applied
  • Item(s) you asked for in your application are no longer needed, so item(s) need to be removed, i.e. you have managed to buy, or have been given some of  the goods from other places 
  • You need to add additional item(s) to your application. i.e. you have forgotten to tell us you needed a certain item


You should not use this form to apply for a crisis or Community Care Grant, please Apply online


thank you

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