Local Groups

Local Area Committees:

Area Committees


The Council has established seven area committees based upon recognised groupings of the 23 wards.  The Area Committee structure reinforces the Council’s commitment to localised decision making in addressing the differing needs of our communities.


 You can access an overview map of the seven area committees from the link below:


Fife Council Area Committee Overview Map


 The role of the area committees is to:

·         determine matters within their terms of reference which directly affect their area;

·         scrutinise service delivery and performance locally; and

·         monitor the impact of council and other public services on the community. 


Local Community Planning 

Local Community Planning is about making a positive difference to the communities we live in.  We will do this by bringing together local communities with public, voluntary, private sector and other organisations to improve our communities and quality of life.


 Together, we will identify and influence the issues that are important to us all.  Through partnership working we will make connections amongst communities, their leaders, elected representatives and those who provide services to develop local action that achieves lasting and positive change.


 Fife Council has established 7 areas in Fife, each with its own Area Committee consisting of all the local councillors in that area and each with its own Local Community Plan (LCP).


 Click on the links below which will take you to pages on FifeDirect containing information on what is happening in each area.


·         Cowdenbeath Area Committee

·         Dunfermline Area Committee 

·         Glenrothes Area Committee 

·         Kirkcaldy Area Committee

·         Levenmouth Area Committee

·        North East Fife Area Committee

·         South West Fife Area Committee


 Local Getting it Right & Early Years Groups

Fife partners place particular emphasis on building capacity at the most local level. Local Getting it Right (GIR) and Early Years Groups are key to achieving this goal. Fife’s Children’s Services Plan and Early Years Strategy provides the common set of priorities for the agenda and business of each of the groups and additionally each group undertakes a unique local analysis of need to identify those priorities which require particular attention.