Quality Improvement

 Quality Improvement through a child’s life.

‘Everyone…has two jobs when they come to work every day: to do their work and to improve it’ (Batalden & Davidoff, 2007).

Quality improvement is not solely about ‘making things better’ by doing the same things and ‘trying harder’. Instead, Quality Improvement requires a different approach to traditional ‘fact-based’ learning and needs a new set of knowledge and skills to put this approach into practice. You should always be looking to make a quality improvement that will make your product more marketable to your customers.


Fife Children’s Improvement Collaborative

Fife currently has four national Quality Improvement programmes encompassing a child’s journey from conception to early adulthood, namely Maternity & Children’s Quality Improvement Collaborative (McQIC), Early Years Collaborative (EYC), Permanence and Care Excellence (PACE) and Raising Attainment for All (RAFA). A local Post 16+ improvement collaborative, One-by-one project was established in February 2016. The Fife Children’s Improvement Collaborative encapsulates all stages of a child’s life from conception to early adulthood. The Children’s Improvement Collaborative integrates respective national and local Quality Improvement programmes. It crosses existing structures and local groups, providing support for groups to identify, respond and effectively drive improvement priorities linked to the four Children’s Services priorities.

-          Early Years Development

-          Making Communities Safer

-          Raising Attainment for All

-          Reducing Inequalities