The Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) approach is the Scottish Government’s policy framework for supporting children, young people and their families and helps to embed the articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in to practice. To find out more about Children’s Rights in Fife you can access the Children’s Rights pages here 

The GIRFEC Approach has been developed in Scotland over a number of years through Pathfinder projects. A timeline charting the progress is available on the Scottish Governments website.

GIRFEC aims to support positive outcomes for children and young people and builds upon the delivery of universal services.  Through the use of a National Practice Model and the common language it provides, professionals are able to respond to the needs of children and young people at the earliest stage and ensure they receive appropriate and proportionate help and support.

Core Principles

A child-focused approach:  Ensuring the child, young person and their family is at the centre of decision-making and building solutions to support them

A holistic understanding of wellbeing:  Looking at the whole picture of a child or young person’s wellbeing to provide appropriate and effective support at the right time

A preventative approach:  Identifying a need as early as possible to avoid it developing into a concern or growing into a problem

A joined-up approach:  The child or young person, their family and professionals working together to consider what help is required, involving only those services that are needed to support them and minimise unnecessary interruption in family life


The Key Elements



Named Person 

Childs Plan 

Lead Professional 

Information Sharing

GIRFEC e-module (Argyll & Bute):

If you’d like to test your knowledge of the GIRFEC and its key principles you can access the Argyll & Bute GIRFEC e-learning module here. It will take you through the main elements of the approach and provides some helpful case examples.

Child Protection and GIRFEC:

It’s important to remember that GIRFEC is there to support the overall wellbeing of Children & Young People it does not replace our existing Child Protection systems and processes.  If you suspect a child or young person has been harmed, or is at risk of harm, you must follow your services existing Child Protection processes immediately.  For more information on Child Protection you can visit the Fife Child Protection Committee website. 

Child protection Training: 

Information on the Multi-agency Child Protection training programme is also available in the Fife Training Calendar.  *Please note the Multi-agency training calendar also includes elements of GIRFEC training for the General Workforce.