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Out patient appointment

When you have a condition which requires further specialist knowledge, investigation or a surgical procedure, your Doctor will refer you to a Consultant who is a specialist in a specific area of medicine eg Cardiologists are specialist in heart problems.

Your Doctor will write to the Consultant, explaining your symptoms and will ask the Consultant to see you during their clinic.  You will then receive a letter from the Out Patient Department with details of the appointment.  The appointments can be held in a number of hospitals across Fife and some consultants may hold clinics in Health Centres.  For certain conditions, you may need to see a Consultant who is based in Edinburgh or Dundee. 

The letter from Out Patients will detail all the necessary information about what you need to bring, and this will include a list of all your current medication.  The letter will tell you if any tests are to be carried out while you are at the Clinic.

At the appointment, you may see the Consultant themselves or a member of their team such as another Doctor or a Specialist Nurse.  They will discuss your situation and make arrangements for any necessary tests.  They may recommend a change in your medication and will also confirm if any further procedures are required e.g. surgery or investigations.  If this is the case, the Consultant will make the arrangement for you to be admitted to hospital or to attend the relevant clinic.  You may be required to return for follow up appointments and the Consultant will advise on this.  The Consultant will write to your Doctor with the findings from your appointment.

You may also attend an Out Patient Appointment for other treatments such as physiotherapy.


How to get to your appointment?

Directions on how to get to the main hospitals in Fife can be accessed through the link below.  It will also give you details of bus services that operate to the hospitals.

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