Living With My Condition In Fife

Dealing with flare ups

At times you may have a flare up of your condition.  


Taking medication

By taking all medication prescribed by your Doctor, you will minimise the chances of your condition becoming worse.  It is important to continue taking your medication even when you are feeling well.  Your medication will be reviewed at regular intervals by your Doctor and if you have any questions regarding your medication please contact your Doctor or ask at your local pharmacy. 


Recognising when your condition is becoming worse 

By becoming more knowledgeable about your condition, you will learn to recognise the symptoms when things are becoming worse.  Your doctor, practice nurse or pharmacist can offer you some advice on what to do when these symptoms occur, for example what medication or rest to take, who to contact etc. For some people self-management plans will have been drawn up by and with their health care professional.  


Referring to self management plans 

You may have been provided with a self management plan by your Doctor or Nurse.  It is likely that this will list your medication; how much to take and when you should take it.  The plan will also detail what you should do when certain things happen and your condition changes.  This might be an increase in your medication or introducing another medication that you don’t normally take.  The plan will also indicate what you should do if things become dramatically worse such as in an emergency.  It is likely that there will be contact details such as your Doctor or perhaps a link nurse from a clinic you have attended who you may be able to phone when your symptoms are changing or deteriorating. 

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