Living With My Condition In Fife

Alternative or complementary therapies

To help you manage your condition, some people will also want to consider some alternative or complementary therapies.  These are a form of therapy or medicine that "complement" conventional treatments, it can also be known as Complementary Therapy, Alternative Therapy, or Holistic Therapy.  You should consult your Doctor before trying these therapies and these should not become a substitute for your medication or any medical treatments prescribed by your Doctor.


Relaxation Techniques 

Planned relaxation can have a calming effect and help your body and mind recover from stress.  Tips for relaxation: 

  • Choose a quiet place
  • Before you start do some stretches to relieve muscle tension
  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Start to breathe slowly and deeply and then start to focus on each breathe as you breathe in and breathe out
  • Let all thoughts drift away.  If another thought comes into your mind, acknowledge it and then push it away – keep focusing on your breathing
  • Tense each part of your body and then relax it again starting with your feet, work through your legs, abdomen, arms and head
  • Try and stay like this for around 20 minutes, just being completely relaxed but not asleep!



Yoga can be a great way of combining gentle exercise along with relaxation techniques, although not everyone is able to take this up. Yoga classes take place in most areas.  To find classes near you, click on the ‘Practical Help’ page. 

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