Nature Kindergarten

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Nature Kindergarten will be on FRIDAY 11th, 18th, 21st May, 1st, 8th and 15th June.

Please bring your child in to Nursery at the usual time. (8.30am and 12.40pm ) The Nursery team will walk the children over to Balbirnie and should be collected from the first car park no later than 11.30am and 3.40pm.

The Nature Kindergarten Project involves us in taking our children into wooded areas and allowing them to run around, play, learn and explore. 

Balbirnie Park is an ideal situation for this. We have identified an area within it which will suit the purpose. Health and Safety is important and the appropriate risk assessments have been undertaken

As stated above this is not a walk in the woods, but an opportunity to allow children to explore, investigate and develop independence skills. We try to stand back and allow the children to do the above with as little interaction from an adult as possible. 

Please can you ensure that children are dressed appropriatley for the woods.  Layers, waterproofs, hats, wellies, extra socks and gloves will help the children to be comfortable and happy when learning and playing outdoors. We have waterproof trousers in the Nursery foyer that you can borrow for your child if you wish. Even in hot weather please make sure that arms and legs are covered as there can be nettles around and sun hats and sun cream are essential.





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