December 2016

In Fife we currently have a school estate of 135 primary schools, 18 secondary schools, 5 special schools, over 100 sites where nursery education is provided and 5 pupil support centres.

Our aim is to ensure that not only does our school estate provide best value for money but more importantly, it provides children and young people with a first class education in fit for purpose buildings, regardless of background or where they live.  

As part of a review in 2013, a "Towards a Sustainable School Estate Strategy" was developed to ensure that our school estate is maintained at the right size to support high quality education locally and across Fife and that available resources are directed towards, where possible, improving children's learning instead of ongoing asset maintenance.  This strategy was submitted to Executive Committee on 2 October 2012 and you can review the report by clicking here.

An Equality Impact Assessment was undertaken in respect of the 'Towards a Sustainable School Estate Strategy'.  An individual Equality Impact Assessment will be completed for each proposal which goes to the Executive Committee of Fife Council, and will accompany the Consultation Report. The report and associated assessment will be available on this website following publication.


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