CSPG/CPC Self Evaluation & Audit Working Group

Fife Child Protection Committee

Fife Child Protection Committee

Whilst individual services and agencies have a responsibility to self evaluate their own work, multi agency evaluation improves joint accountability and promotes partnership and joint working across all levels and in all agencies. The Child Protection Committee will assure themselves that the needs of children at risk are being met and that services are improving outcomes for children in both the short and long term through the following processes:-


  • A systematic approach to self evaluation and quality assurance focussing on the outcomes for children and families;
  • Establish effective systems to monitor the quality of key child protection processes, such as core groups, risk assessment and child protection plans;
  • Involvement of key stakeholders, including children and families in self evaluation processes;
  • Implement and monitor improvement plans to ensure they lead to effective change;
  • Effective communication to staff of the learning from self evaluation processes;
  • Build capacity among staff by sharing good practice and support multi agency practitioner fora and ongoing single and multi agency training;
  • Provide management information and statistics relating to children and young people which delivers analysis of trends to inform strategic assessment of service need and informs the development of inter agency child protection policy and practice;
  • Measure the effectiveness of self evaluation against improvements in service and outcomes for children.


The function of the CPC Self Evaluation and Audit Working Group is to


  • to consider a Role and Remit of the Group
  • to undertake evaluation of business changes resulting from the Self Evaluation and Improvement Plan
  • to develop a 3 year strategic programme
  • to develop an annual work plan  for inclusion in the CPC Annual Plan
  • to consider the self evaluation training needs of  Working Group members
  • to support individual services with self evaluation exercises
  • to undertake and manage all inter-agency self evaluation exercises ensuring they dovetail with any single agency work
  • to plan and deliver case file audits and maintain a register of actions for tracking
  • to undertake inspection planning responsibility on behalf of CPC
  • to consider budget needed to deliver the above


Meetings of the Self Evaluation and Audit Working Group are arranged for:


Thursday 22 August 2019

Thursday 26 September 2019

Thursday 14 November 2019


Minutes of previous meetings can be viewed at the links below.




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