Charter for Transition

Who This Charter is for

The charter is for parents and carers of young people with additional support needs who are moving on from Children’s Services to Adult Services.

We asked the following people and organisations for their views on how to make a successful transition between services and took their views into account when we were writing it.

  • Young people who use our services.
  • Parents and carers of young people who use our services.
  • Professionals who work with young people with additional support needs.

What The Charter Means

Between 16 and 18 some young people may need the help and support from Adult Services when leaving school. It is important that families know what services and supports are available to them.

The charter sets out:

  • Four standards that guide the way services are delivered.
  • What these standards mean for families.

If you feel that these standards are not being met, a meeting will be arranged to discuss what has happened and what needs to be changed.

 Fife Council Standards

  1. The support you get from us meets your son or daughter’s particular needs. You, and they, will be involved in deciding what they are.
  2. We will make sure that you have the information you need to make decisions as your son or daughter moves from Children’s Services to Adult Services.
  3. Everyone who is involved in your son or daughter’s care will help plan what will work best for them.
  4. Your son or daughter will get the right support at the right time as they move from one service to another.

For more information about the charter and our standards download the full charter from the Publications Section of this website.

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