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Multi agency training is an essential component in building common understanding and fostering good working relationships, which are vital to effective child protection. Individual agencies are responsible for ensuring their staff are competent and confident in carrying out their responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. The Child Protection Committee is responsible for developing and delivering programmes that complement and build upon the work of individual agencies, which take into account the multi agency training needs. The multi agency training will take into account the different knowledge and skill sets from individual agencies, to ensure an understanding of how individual roles connect with the wider picture.


The Child Protection Committee will develop multi agency training through:-


  • The identification of ongoing training needs by the collection of data from individual services through the GIR/CPC Workforce Development Group;
  • Respond to gaps highlighted in inspection reports;
  • Corporate learning from the Case Review Working Group and Self Evaluation processes and nationally identified issues.


The Child Protection Committee also has a role in quality assuring and ensuring the consistency of single agency training across Fife Partnerships.


The function of the GIR/CPC Workforce Development Group is:-


  • to consider the Role and Remit of the Group
  • to undertake a Training Needs Analysis
  • to consider training programme alignment with current priorities (risk and information sharing)
  • to consider theme and plan the annual conference
  • to develop training modules as required
  • to consider budget need to deliver the above
  • to evaluate course/conference feedback and develop actions


Meetings are arranged for:  


Monday 9 September 2019

Monday 4 November 2019


Minutes of previous meetings can be found at the links below.



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