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Boy on bike

Boy on bike

Scotland's first closed loop cycle circuit


What is it and what’s it for?


The Closed Loop Cycling Circuit will be a loop of tarmac road, fully street-lit and built to ‘A Road’ standard. It will allow for a full range of cycling activities to take place in a traffic free environment all year round. 


The total distance of the road will be around 1.6 km, within this offering various circuit layout options. This means users will be able to choose from a variety of circuits to suit the activity as well as having the option of more than one group or session using the facility at the same time.


The Circuit will also be in a position to host regional and national level cycling events at what would be a ‘first of its kind’ facility in Scotland. Motorbikes, or any other type of motorised vehicles, will not be permitted on the Cycling Circuit.


You can download and view a PDF copy of the plan from the bottom of this page.


Why build it?


As with other sports and physical activity, the benefits of cycling are numerous:


  • Cycling reduces the risk of serious conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and the most common form of diabetes.  Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person ten years younger.  Every time you exercise, especially outdoors, you boost your immune system, helping you to fight off illness. (Sharp – the National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease)
  • Where other sports are seeing a decrease in uptake, cycling is experiencing an increase. 11% of the Scottish population cycle. (Scottish Household Survey 2014)


However, there are still many sections of the population unable to access cycling as an activity for sport or leisure.


The main barriers to cycling are having the confidence to ride and being able to access equipment. The Circuit would remove these barriers by providing a range of bikes and a wide range of activities for every level, age and stage of the local population to take part in a safe environment.


Why Lochgelly?


Lochgelly offers good transport links for potential users of the Circuit with it being situated in the heart of Fife; a 20 minute drive from the Forth Road Bridge, 50 minutes from Dundee and within easy driving distance. For the more experienced cyclists it’s also an easy cycling distance from all parts of Fife.  Lochgelly is also served well by buses and train with the rail station a four minute walk from the proposed site.


As the first facility of this nature in Scotland, we anticipate that it would bring in people from both Fife and throughout Scotland as a destination venue for cycling with other leisure pursuits nearby including Lochore Meadows Country Park.


At the heart of the build we would focusing on the health and wellbeing benefits for the local community so a strategy to ensure we engage locally would be developed and implemented during the next year. Engagement with local schools, groups, associations and clubs would also be an ongoing priority for the Circuit.


What are the benefits for the local community?


The Circuit would help to further increase the sense of pride in the community, hosting a facility that is suitable for attracting local, regional and national events as well as excellent local facilities that can be made available for all.


  • The Circuit would create several employment opportunities including self-employed, opportunities for workforce development, volunteering and engagement with local businesses.
  • Users of the facility would bring with them a desire to purchase from local shops and businesses.
  • This facility would provide opportunities for all ages and abilities to be physically active on a bike through top level coaching and training opportunities for the community as well as attracting regional, Scottish and British Championship events.
  • Introducing a facility within walking distance or with good public transport links will provide an easy to reach place that will impact positively on the community’s health and well-being.


This project would put Lochgelly at the forefront of cycling in Scotland with the opportunity to develop a culture of cycling as a normal activity for residents in the area and across Fife.


How long will the build take and when will it start?


It is anticipated that construction work will commence in summer 2017 with an opening to the public anticipated for early 2018.


What will the opening hours be?


We anticipate that the Circuit will be open all year round and available for daytime, evening and weekend use.


What about access and car parking?


Limited on-site parking will be available however users will also have access to 150 parking spaces in the adjacent Lochgelly High School car park out with school hours.


What facilities will it have?


A dedicated community club house, located next to the circuit, will support the range of activities delivered on the cycling circuit. This facility would house changing facilities, toilets, community activity room, small kitchen & office, bike storage and a bike workshop for maintenance and training.


Could anyone ride a bike there at any time?


Access to the Circuit would be by a booking system and all organised activities would be led by a qualified instructor or certified community group or club.


Could I hire a bike there?


A range of pedal and electric bikes will be available for hire.


Could it be booked for non-cycling & other leisure/health activities?


Yes, the community activity room / kitchen area within the clubhouse and the circuit could be used for a variety of other uses.


Is there still time for me to leave feedback on the Circuit proposal?


No, planning approval for this proposal was granted in December 2016. You can view the documents and comments here.





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