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Simple preparations for the cold weather can help you avoid illness in the coming months. Make sure you have enough of your prescribed medicines (but remember not to over order) and over the counter remedies, such as paracetomol, before bad weather makes getting out difficult. Keeping warm both at home and outside and making sure you follow good hygiene practices can help beat those winter bugs.


If you’re eligible to receive the seasonal flu vaccination, have it.  It will protect you against this year’s circulating viruses.  Flu is more serious than you may think.  It can cause chills, fever, aching muscles, as well as coughing, sneezing, headaches and tiredness.


If you are aged 65 years of age or over, have a medical condition which puts you in the ‘at risk’ group (e.g if you have heart or lung problems), are a pregnant woman, or an unpaid carer of any age, you are eligible to have the seasonal flu vaccine. GP practices will contact patients to invite them for vaccination.


If you do fall ill, it’s important to know who to turn to for the right medical assistance. NHS Fife’s Know WhoTo Turn To booklet gives helpful advice on choosing the most appropriate services. You can find information on prescription medicines, your GP practice, dental services, NHS 24 and GP out-of-hours, minor injuries services and A&E.


Pick up the booklet at GP practices, pharmacies and libraries or visit


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