Winter at home

In case the weather turns nasty, everyone should make a plan for their home and collect a few everyday things:

  • Emergency phone numbers
  • A torch and spare batteries
  • A radio and spare batteries
  • Three days worth of bottled water and food that won't go off

Doing a few small things now, could save a lot of trouble later.  Find out more at

Get information on power loss and emergencies at the SP Energy Networks website

It's also worth being prepared for a thaw - have a look at our Flooding information.

Severe weather FAQs - Housing

Published by: Fife Council

Some useful information for use during severe weather.

Q.      What should I do if my pipes freeze?


Direct heat i.e. hair dryers should not be used as this can result in pipes cracking. Pouring boiling water down the drain may melt the blockage enough for it to move down the pipe. if possible keep heating on 24hrs on a low setting to keep hot air circulating throughout the property and where possible open loft hatches.

To report repairs to council houses telephone: 03451 55 00 11.  

During periods of extreme cold, Building Services will not attend to any council house repairs for frozen pipes except for soil stack pipes (toilet waste).

If you own any property, check out the "protect your pipes" information on the Scottish Water website at - heat, insulate and protect. Here's some links to useful videos from Scottish Water on how to find your stop valve, how to insulate your pipes and what to do if you have a frozen pipe.


Q.      What happens when there is a fault with a vacant council property?

In the winter months all of the empty Council properties have their heating systems drained to prevent frozen pipes and leaks.  If, however, you do experience any difficulties these should be reported in the normal manner through the repairs telephone number 03451 55 00 11. 



Q.      What happens when faults in an owner occupied property adversely effects a council property?

When an owner occupied house has a fault in severe weather the Council does not have a right of access even in an emergency.  Every effort should be made to contact the owner or landlord to remedy the problem. 


In very extreme circumstances where entry is required to a private property in an emergency to remedy a problem affecting a Fife Council tenant, the relevant authority should be contacted to deal with the problem e.g.


Q.      I am a council tenant and I have a problem with my boiler, what should I do?

To report repairs to council houses telephone: 03451 55 00 11.


Every effort will be made to attend tenants reporting a loss of heating, however in cases of extreme weather this may take some time.  Tenants may wish to invest in other forms of heating in the event that the weather prevents attendance.


Q.      My rhones have collapsed in my council property, what should I do?

To report repairs to council houses telephone: 03451 55 00 11.

If all the rhones have collapsed under the weight of snow then there is no immediate risk.  These will be repaired when the weather improves and when it is safe to undertake the work.   If there are sections still in place tenants are advised to stay away from the remaining areas in case the rest collapses.

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