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Terms of Reference


The following functions shall be exercised by the Council meeting in full session and are excluded from delegation to any committee or sub-committee:- 

  • the election of the Provost, Depute Provost and Chairs of committees (with the exception of sub-committees);
  • the approval of the annual budget of (a) revenue expenditure, and (b) capital expenditure;
  • the annual fixing and levying of the council tax and annual fixing of housing rents;
  • the approval of the Community Plan for Fife;
  • the approval of the Dundee, Perth, Angus and North Fife Strategic Development Plan and the South East Scotland Strategic Development Plan;
  • the determination of national planning applications or major applications significantly contrary to the Development Plan;
  • the making, amendment or revocation of the Scheme of Administration and any Scheme of Delegation;
  • the making, amendment or revocation of Standing Orders (including Standing Orders for the making of contracts);
  • the making, amendment or revocation of Financial Regulations (including Police Financial Regulations);
  • the promotion of or opposition to private legislation;
  • the change of name of the authority;
  • the establishment of any joint committee or joint board to carry out any functions of the Council;
  • the appointment of members to (a) joint boards, (b) joint committees, (c) any body where the Council are obliged or entitled to make an appointment under statutory authority, and (d) the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (including any committees thereof);
  • the consideration of reports by the Head of Paid Service or the Monitoring Officer in terms of sections 4 and 5 respectively of the Local Government and Housing Act1989;
  • the admission of honorary freemen of Fife;
  • the consideration of the annual accounts of the Council as made up at the end of the financial year and audited on behalf of the Accounts Commissiontogether with its auditor’s report on the accounts;
  • the consideration of any report which the Controller of Audit may make to the Accounts Commission with respect to the accounts of the Council in terms of Section 102 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 and subsequent report on recommendations which the Accounts Commissionmay make to Scottish Ministers; and
  • any other matter which may not be delegated by the Council under legislation.
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