Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Policy and Resources Committee (Disbanded May, 2007)

Terms of Reference: The Policy and Resources Committeewas disbanded in May, 2007.  It dealt with the following matters:- 
all strategic and corporate policy (including major financial, procurement, communications, decentralisation and voluntary sector strategic policies and programmes); - policies and strategies to meet the Council's objectives under the Community Plan; - corporate policies and strategies to promote social inclusion, social equality and the regeneration of communities in Fife; - the Council's overall capital and revenue expenditure; - the overall performance and quality of Council services in meeting policy objectives measured against approved indicators and targets; - the use of all Council resources including:- - finance (including superannuation fund management) and information technology; - physical resources (including land, buildings and other property); - human resources (including the development and training strategy for elected members and employees); - notwithstanding any provision in this Scheme of Administration to consider any matter involving the policy or resources of the Council; - any recommendations or report of any Investigating Committee appointed to investigate any matter in terms of the Scottish Joint Negotiating Committee for Local Authorities Services Disciplinary Procedure for Chief Executives; - all functions concerning valuation and electoral registration; - the strategic objectives and financial performance of all direct service and direct labour organisations; - Schemes for Community Councils;- Fife's role in European matters including working relationships with the European Commission and the European Parliament; and - strategic overview of civic affairs, twinning links and partnerships leading to civic, sporting, economic and cultural exchanges. Scrutiny and Performance Review The scrutiny and performance review functions of all committees are set out in paragraphs 3.6 and 3.8 of the Scheme of Administration.
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